*Aluminum Picket Fences are available in black and bronze. 

Stunning Ornamental Aluminum Picket Fences

Our aluminum picket fences are low maintenance, incredibly durable, alternatives to traditional wrought iron fencing. These fences have a much lower amount of upkeep needed to keep them looking brand new, while still not sacrificing any of the elegant look of a wrought iron fence. These traditional-style fences make an ideal border around your property; keeping you safe and secure without obstructing your view in any significant manner.

Which Aluminum Picket Fence is Right for You?

Nobility Fence offers two premier ornamental aluminum picket fence options. The Miller, a standard 3 rail flat top panel aluminum picket fence, and the Nelson, an aluminum picket fence with traditional ornamental style spearpoint pickets that combine safety and style. The flat top option of the Miller makes it a more appealing option for those with children and pets in their home while the spearpoint pickets of the Nelson offer a more traditional and luxurious design.