Vinyl Pool Picket Fencing

Nobility Fence offers a variety of styles of vinyl pool picket fences that are compliant to local codes and ordinances. Although ornamental aluminum picket fences are commonly used for pools, vinyl pool fences have a variety of benefits to consider. Vinyl fencing typically offers a higher level of privacy than their aluminum counterparts. In addition to privacy, vinyl fences are extremely low maintenance and require very little upkeep.

Which Vinyl Pool Fence is Right for You?

Nobility Fence currently offers three premier pool code compliant vinyl picket fences. The Duke 3-Rail is the sturdiest of our options, offering a 3rd rail across the length of the fence for additional stability and durability. The Duke 2-Rail fence offers a cleaner look with rails only on the top and bottom of the fence, which also allows for higher visibility through the fence. The Dutchess offers a nice balance with wider pickets than the other vinyl picket fence options for pools while still maintaining a 2-rail look.