High Quality Semi Privacy Fences

Vinyl semi privacy fences by Nobility Fence are made of only the highest quality materials. Offering just the right amount of seclusion in your yard without completely isolating yourself from the outside world. A semi privacy vinyl fence offers a high amount of safety and security for both children and pets, while still not completely obstructing the view from your yard.

Semi Privacy Fences Allow Sunlight and Airflow

While semi privacy fences don’t offer as much concealment as a privacy fence, the benefits they offer outweigh the lack of seclusion for many homeowners. One of the main benefits of a semi privacy vinyl fence compared to a privacy fence is the ability to still allow sunlight and airflow through the fence. This opens many options for homeowners, such as being able to grow a garden near your fence where natural sunlight can still reach it. Many homeowners also prefer the look of the picket style semi privacy fences over the look of the solid wall style privacy fences.