A Contemporary Style Meets a Classic

Vinyl fencing is a fantastic modern solution for a classic look. There are many various styles of fencing for your yard, and each offers unique style and benefits for your home in a multitude of ways. Picket fencing is an elegant option that breaks up your property in a clean and orderly way. It also keeps your grass and garden visible, yet can keep your animals and your children protected. Certain fencing styles are sturdy enough to provide security to your garden, not only from intruders but weather as well. Vinyl privacy fences  are an excellent way to achieve this feat. Not to mention, they look extremely tasteful. Fences will not only increase your property value they can add curb appeal to your home. Wood fencing may have a classic charm to it, but vinyl fencing solutions are a present-day answer to your designing needs.

Go Stronger Than the Standard

Custom vinyl fencing is a long-term investment for your home. It adds a touch of class and provides your lawn with privacy and security. However, if you are ordering a wooden fence for your yard, you are only doing half the job. Vinyl fencing is said to be up to five times stronger than a traditional wooden fence. Made from PVC material, vinyl fencing can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. While wood can crack and absorb moisture, vinyl privacy fences and vinyl picket fences are sealed and won’t expand in heat or cold like wood does. With each season, wood fences contract or swell. Over time, this weakens the wood structure. With wooden fencing, you would need to paint, stain or seal with polyurethane to protect the structure from the outdoor elements. Vinyl fencing doesn’t require any sealants and is resistant to moisture and extreme cold. Also, the color you order is the color that will last. Whether you want a privacy fence, semi-privacy fence or a vinyl picket fence, custom vinyl solutions are the smarter investment.

Not Just For Show

Though wood fencing can get close, it cannot offer the same level of privacy as vinyl privacy fencing. Vinyl privacy fencing comes in sealed, one-piece segments for a rackable fence option. Also, vinyl picket fences are available for custom order. Available in the same rackable segments, you can custom order any picket fence for any size lawn. Custom picket fences are a smaller option to keep your garden and home visible. They still offer protection to your pets and children, yet still are open enough to see out. It is important to let your plants breathe and receive optimal sunlight. Picket fences and vinyl fences both will make your property elegant, just add a step up and make them vinyl. Get all the benefits of custom fencing with little to no labor. These fences require little maintenance, so you can spend more of your free time taking care of other things in the garden. Dress up your outside space and enjoy it more today.