Climbing Vines Can Enhance Your Fence

Fencing adds an elegant style to your home. It frames your property line and can be a stylish perimeter to your front or back yard. It adds protection, keeps animals or children safe, and it also gives you some privacy to enjoy your outside space. In addition to these benefits, vinyl fencing also makes a fantastic backdrop. Custom vinyl fencing is like adding an artistic piece to your yard. More and more homeowners are tying their fence right into their garden with the use of climbing vines. White vinyl picket fences are a great backdrop to support your vines, structurally and aesthetically. Vinyl privacy fences are a great contrast in a “nature meets modern” style and the green on white is a clean and very chic look.

A benefit of having a vinyl privacy fence or a vinyl picket fence is that the surface area is a sealed, recyclable material that locks out water. Vines hold a great deal of moisture, and with a porous material like wood, water from the vines can get into the holes or cracks in the wood’s service. This can lead to excessive rot within the wood and damage the structure over time. Especially during colder seasons when the water can freeze, this can cause the wood to expand and contract, breaking down the wood over time. This leaves homeowners having to repair and maintain their wooden fences many times throughout the life of the fence. However, with custom vinyl fencing you will never have to worry about the temperature or moisture affecting the surface or structure of your fence.

Vinyl Fencing Solutions Last Forever

If you are looking for no maintenance fences that last, a custom vinyl fencing solution will benefit your property. Even with growing vines, a white vinyl fence is a lifetime fence. Unlike its wooden counterpart, vinyl fencing solutions don’t split or crack with moisture or extreme temperature and stand up to the seasons. A vinyl picket fence and semi-private fences are both examples of two designs that can make your landscape flourish and are structurally strong enough to hold growing vines or support other plants that may be invasive in your garden. Both custom fencing solutions provide the aesthetic look and solid structure to be an addition to any garden. Never worry about vines or plants rotting your fence or causing it to collapse. Our fences are guaranteed for life. We will replace any peeling, splintering, corrosion, flaking, abnormal discoloration, or rusting of your fence to ensure you enjoy your custom fence forever.