vinyl privacy fence

Keeping the Ambience in Your Yard

The most overlooked space in your home is not one most homeowners think about. Almost everyone sees it every single day and often it is a huge space to entertain. Shouldn’t this space receive the same attention and care as the rest of your house? This sometimes neglected, yet essential spot in your home is none other than your yard. Obviously what surrounds your yard is the focal point. Fences are crucial in your home’s curb appeal and also setting the ambiance for entertaining outside.

Similar to the walls of your living room, a fence can set the entire mood or atmosphere for an area. Your fence should get the same attention and care as your inside decor. Since you plan your paint colors and wall structure, your fence planning should be just as key in your landscaping.

Private and Elegant

Since there are many different fencing options, it is important to choose what features best capture what you are hoping to accomplish with your outside space. A more private, entertaining-style option for your yard is the Privacy Fence. This is structured just like a wall in your home and frames the yard well. In addition to looking classy and secure, the privacy fence completely closes off your yard from view and from the elements. It is a great windbreaker and also offers a lot of shade to your yard.

Slightly less-secluded, yet still offering protection and privacy is the Semi-Privacy Fence. This style does not completely isolate your yard and allows light through and some airflow. This is a great design for those that wish to see out from their yards, but still a full fence-look around them.

The American Dream Choice

If you are looking for a chic look and don’t want any view obstruction or isolation, the all-American picket fence look is definitely for you. It offers an open yard feel and stands much shorter than the privacy options. Picket fences are ideal for keeping your yard contained but still offer a full view of the outside world. This timeless structure offers optimal curb appeal and it doesn’t cut off any visual parts of your house. With the picket fence option, visual appeal and security are both obtainable for your property.

Don’t Forget the Pool

Not all designs are strictly dealing with visual curb appeal or privacy. The Pool Code Compliant fence is designed to house your pool efficiently. It adds to the look and ambiance of the pool area but also keeps you legal. The structure and dimensions are proportionate for housing your swimming pool safely. High-visibility and sleek design are still a priority with this design, all while remaining compliant within the regulations. If you are looking to add a luxurious look and optimal safety, this design does the trick and then some.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Many fence designs or features for your yard are accessible. There are many different materials and options to help you obtain the most efficient yard space possible. Whether you are looking for another space to entertain, to stay close with the neighbors or just keep the dog in, there is a fence structure for you. Choosing the right one one is as easy as figuring out what’s most important to you. Check out the various samples and models available to you and start planning the yard of your dreams.