Spring Cleaning for Fences

It’s hard to believe it, but it’s that time of year. The snow is melting and spring is almost here. And with the flowers and warm weather come some daunting tasks.
For some, we shudder at the term. But cleaning doesn’t have to be the ominous chore we’ve dreaded all winter. This spring, mix things up a little bit and take your spring cleaning outside. Your yard and your curb appeal will thank you.

One structure you’ve probably overlooked for years is one that requires little labor but yields impressive results. Your fence. You can tell a lot by a piece of property, just by its surroundings. It’s the frame for your yard. It’s in most of your summer pictures and you probably see it every day. Something that is such a big part of your landscape should get the care and treatment it deserves. And really, vinyl and aluminum fencing care is a very easy task to tackle and won’t break the bank.

A Little Cleaning Goes a Long Way

If you want to keep your yard looking top-notch, don’t neglect your fence. To make your vinyl fence stand out and be as picturesque as possible, give it a good rinse. A simple spray from the garden hose can loosen up and wash away caked on dirt and grime. This will not only keep things clean but will stop the growth of algae and moss as well. For stubborn stains or mold that has begun to form, add a little vinegar to your wash. About a cup of white vinegar mixed in with your bucket of water should do the trick. Take a sponge or rag and wipe the surface thoroughly. Bleach products or chemicals aren’t necessary but can help with aged or stubborn stains. Just be sure they are well-diluted and are safe for the fence’s finish. You may want to avoid a bleach-base solution with darker colored fences.

Aluminum fence care is even easier than vinyl. Typically, the aluminum slats are thinner and farther apart. This is definitely a benefit because they do not pick up dirt or grime easily. The same procedure can be applied to clean aluminum as vinyl. In addition to the garden hose and cleaning solutions, a scrub brush is a great tool to keep on hand for your aluminum. This is great for breaking up any dirt or debris that has remained.

It is important whether you are cleaning vinyl or aluminum, to rinse thoroughly. Harsher chemicals can dry and take off protective coating, or dull the coloring. This can be avoided by rinsing away residue and wiping down the surface thoroughly. Also, it will give your fence a polished shine that will keep it looking newer, longer.

Keep It Sound and Pound it Down

Another good tip to keep in mind is to keep the structure solid. Tamp any posts further in the ground that are wobbly or loose. Also, it is important to keep gates latched. Both of these tips can prevent damage from the weather and the wind. Swaying posts or gates can damage the fence in high winds or storms. Keeping it secure will prevent it being forced open or slamming into itself. Keeping the hinges oiled, is also crucial. The easier a hinge can operate, the less chance it has of getting damaged or worn.
This will also keep the gate working properly and prevent wear and tear on the parts.

Little Maintenance, Lengthy Life

The benefits of vinyl or aluminum fences are endless. In addition to looking fantastic, they often last very long with little attention. Preventing fungal growth or weather damage, are very simple tasks that really only need to follow two to three times a year. Not to mention, most structures are much more solid and sturdy than wooden fences. And many models offer more privacy, while still making your yard look outstanding. So this spring, take your cleaning list outside. Don’t neglect your fence and keep it looking fresh and new. A little attention here can go a long way, for curb appeal.