Frequently Asked Questions

Allow Nobility Fence to answer some questions that you may have about our custom fencing solutions. Read some examples here.

How is Nobility different?

A: Unlike many smaller fabricators who rely on manual labor methods, Nobility is precision engineered and uses a state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure the highest quality.

How is Nobility’s Fences different than other fence company’s products?

A: Nobility is committed to providing low maintenance, high quality fencing products that are produced with the latest manufacturing technologies. We believe that homeowners should have peace of mind that their fence materials will last, and we back it up with a lifetime transferable warranty.

Will a Nobility Fence enhance my property value?

A: We do not know of any valid studies that confirm whether a nice fence actually increases a residential property’s value; however, many realtors will tell you that an attractive fence will have a positive emotional effect on any potential buyer. It also depends on the potential buyer’s needs. If the buyer have pets or young children, they may see more value in an existing fence than those without.

What Kind of maintenance does my aluminum fence require?

A: Aluminum fences require very little maintenance, usually only if damaged in some way. If you live in an area that uses salt in the winter, avoid getting salt on or near the fence if possible. Salt can be corrosive to the coating and can reduce the overall life of the fence.

What is powder coating, and why is it important?

A: Powder coating is the application of dry powder paint to the aluminum fence to ensure surface protection and attractive aesthetics. The product is cleaned and powder coat is sprayed onto the object to be coated. Then, the aluminum is placed in an oven wher the powder coating particles melt, and cure to form a barrier that leaves your fence protected.

What is the difference between the Nobility Residential and the Nobility Premium?

A: The Nobility Residential has a 5/8″ square picket where the Premium has 3/4″ square picket. The Premium has a bolder look, and provides some extra strength in the panel.

What kind of maintenance does my vinyl fence require?

A: All fences require some maintenance. Periodically vinyl fences may need to be washed with a mild soap or simply sprayed off with the garden hose. Some people recommend power washing the fence, however this may roughen the surface and provide more opportunity for dirt and debris to accumulate on the fence. This can provide additional opportunioty for algae or mold to grow if the enviornment is moist with little to no sunlight.