Lifetime Warranty for Fences

Here at Nobility Fence we believe in our product and want to make sure our customers feel as secure in buying our fences as we do in selling them. That is why fences from Nobility Fence are backed by a limited lifetime transferrable warranty. The quality of our vinyl fences and aluminum fences are unmatched in the industry, as is the quality of our warranty. Our warranty lasts for as long as you own the home where you had your Nobility Fence installed, and can be transferred to a new person so long as they have the original, or a copy of the original, sales receipt.

What Does the Nobility Fence Warranty Cover?

Our industry leading lifetime fence warranty covers a number of things for all of our lines of vinyl and aluminum fencing. Nobility Fence warrants all of our fences again peeling, flaking, splintering, corrosion, rusting, or abnormal discoloration of your fence. Vinyl fences and ornamental aluminum fences from Nobility Fence are made of only the highest quality materials and are guaranteed to have no issues with the aforementioned problems. If your fence does have any of these issues your fence’s lifetime warranty will cover it!

What Is Not Covered with the Lifetime Fence Warranty?

Nobility Fence’s industry leading lifetime fence warranty covers just about everything in terms of natural wear and tear on a fence. However, negligence and abnormal use or alteration of your vinyl or aluminum fencing is not covered. Nobility Fence’s warranty does not cover the following: accident, unreasonable use, neglect, alteration, improper service or installation, acts of God, or any other causes not arising out of defects in materials or workmanship. So long as you are taking proper care of your fence and not altering the model haphazardly, your warranty should keep you covered.

How to Transfer Lifetime Warranty

Transferring your Nobility Fence limited lifetime warranty is an easy process. Our fence lifetime warranty can be transferred to one transferee for any of our vinyl fencing or aluminum fencing products. Transferee must obtain the original, or a copy of the original, sales receipt (with proof of date) from the previous owner. Additionally, if the fence was purchased from a builder or installer documentation must be supplied with names of the product installed on the property and date of transfer. Once this information is provided Nobility Fence will transfer the fence’s lifetime warranty to the new owner.

All Nobility Ornamental Aluminum and Vinyl Fences are covered by an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and backed by a solid company with a long history of excellent customer service. To view and print the warranty, click the download link below. Or fill out the form electronically here.