How much should I pay for a quality aluminum fence?

Aluminum fences have a lot going for them. They offer an elegant look, superior weather resistance, and exceptional durability. Choosing an aluminum fence for your front yard can add significant value to your property through sheer curb appeal. For businesses, aluminum fencing can take a beating while requiring less maintenance compared to most types of commercial fencing. By choosing an attractive design like aluminum, commercial properties can stand out from the competition and provide security with style and sophistication.

In short, there are dozens of reasons to choose aluminum fencing for both residential and business applications. But what about the pricing of aluminum fencing? Should the cost of a new aluminum fence steer your decision to install one? What factors affect the price of an aluminum fence? Read on to learn more about why this fence style may be right for your property, and what you pay for when you choose a quality aluminum fence.



Hollow Tubing vs. Solid Construction

One thing drives aluminum fence pricing more than any other factor: the construction. Keep in mind not all aluminum fences are created equal. Some low-priced aluminum fences may be made from hollow tubing and pickets. These fences may look good from afar, but their lightweight construction is obvious at close inspection. They won’t hold up after years of continuous use compared to aluminum with solid construction.

Solid fences offer several advantages. They can take abuse, they look and feel more substantial, and they last much longer.


Another sign of lackluster construction is the fastening system. If you can spot visible screws holding together the panels, or if the pickets rattle in the rails, your fence construction isn’t very sturdy. These joints also allow water to accumulate, risking freeze-thaw damage or corrosion of the steel screws. Fences with screw or rivet fasteners can look and feel shoddy. But their cost will be much less than a well-constructed fence.

Choosing a well-constructed fence with welded joints and concealed fasteners mitigates or eliminates many of these problems. No rattling pickets, rickety panels, or unsightly fasteners. A quality fence looks and feels like a statement piece, properly reflecting the investment you’ve made on your property. They also handle weather better, requiring less upkeep and maintenance in the years (actually, the decades) to come.

Finishes and Coatings

The final cost factor in aluminum fence construction is the finish or coating. Inexpensive aluminum fencing may be painted with a finish that fades in the sun, or chips easily. In fact, hollow tubing dents much more easily than solid aluminum fencing, making it more likely that the paint will crack and chip off at high-use, high-impact locations. Paint wear leads to maintenance: whether it’s re-painting or repairs due to salt corrosion.

When it comes to standing up to years of extreme weather conditions, you simply can’t beat a powder coat finish. This heat-cured application stands up to UV light, impacts, weather, and other factors. A heavy-duty finish may cause an increase in an aluminum fence price, but it’s worth it.



As we’ve seen, the fence construction can greatly impact aluminum fence pricing. Well-made aluminum fences will cost more. But what is the true cost of an aluminum fence?

When you’re pricing out an aluminum fence project for your property, consider the full cost of that fence — today and tomorrow. Don’t skimp on construction quality upfront only to deal with the hassle and frustration of ongoing maintenance issues later on down the line. Repairs, repainting, and ultimately replacing the fence may cost more than installing a quality fence from the outset. Don’t forget about labor! The cost of hiring skilled help to maintain an aluminum fence has its own price tag.



Don’t risk years of costly maintenance and upkeep. Nobility ornamental aluminum fences are precision engineered and made in the USA. Each fence is built to last, and we’ve backed that by our industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. Visit our aluminum fencing page to explore design options and download our catalog. Of course, our fencing pros are always available to answer your questions or arrange for a free quote.



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