It’s summer and you’re excited to get outside! You’ve already spent hours making your backyard a place of relaxation. Now it’s time to make sure that it is safe for the kids (and adults!) with some vinyl pool fencing. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in children under 5 years old, drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death. This in mind, you want to make sure you’re getting a quality pool fence that’s installed properly to keep you and those who use your pool safe. There are a lot of options out there, so we’ll take you through them and help you decide which one will work best for your family.



Our summer months are precious in our regions of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Southeastern New York State. The solid 3-5 months of warm pool weather are valuable and should be enjoyed by you, your family, and your friends. This is what makes vinyl pool fencing the perfect option for a safe, sturdy low maintenance pool fence. Our summers might be short, but you can enjoy them to the fullest with a vinyl pool fence. These fences are low maintenance and perfect for those who want their pools fenced quickly without sacrificing quality or safety. We use only sturdy, 100% virgin PVC vinyl in our fences. Unlike other suppliers who rely on a less expensive material, your new fence will be more durable for years to come and easy to clean too! When you do need it cleaned up after this summer’s storm leaves dirt or debris behind, all you’ll have to do is quickly hose down the area and wipe away any mess from wherever needed. With transferrable lifetime warranty protection included with every purchase of one of our beautiful fences there’s no excuse not to protect what belongs to you today by investing in that great vinyl pool fence.



Nobility Fence offers a variety of styles to pick from when looking for pool code compliant vinyl fence options. Some may opt for ornamental aluminum fences, but we highly recommend that you consider the benefits offered by our low maintenance vinyl pool picket fence product line before making your decision. With privacy being one of the main reasons people buy this type of fencing, it’s important to note how much more private these fences are than their metal counterparts– all without sacrificing style! So, whether or not you’re in need privacy-or just want something easy on upkeep– Nobility is sure to have what you’ve been searching for.



Nobility Fence has many different types available with varying levels of security and aesthetic appeal depending on individual needs. Whether you’re looking for the best inground pool fence options or to secure your above-ground pool and deck, we have options for you. Our three models offer varying levels of durability and aesthetic appeal, so there are options for everyone.



Nobility Fence operates in 3 regions: Western Pennsylvania (PA), Central & Eastern Ohio (OH), and Southeastern New York State (NY)— all three of which require pool fences to be in place and to be a minimum of 48 inches. You’ll also need a way in and out of your fence. Consider what kind of fence gate makes sense for you- latched, locked, or go high-tech and high-security with a key code pad.



The Duke 3-Rail is the best choice for those looking to invest in the sturdiest possible pool code compliant fence. The third rail ensures that your picket fencing will stay sturdy and durable, even when exposed to more extreme weather conditions like winds or rainstorms! So, if you’re in an area where inclement weather is a concern, this could be for you.

Additionally, The Duke 3-Rail vinyl pool fence is perfect for families with inquisitive kids or pets because it supplies extra assurance that curious children or animals can’t find a weak spot to try and sneak in through. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that one out of every 10 child pool drownings happens after the child figures out how to get through the pool fence. This is why it’s so important to with durable, well made, pool-compliant fencing like the Duke 3-Rail.



The Duke 2-Rail fence offers a cleaner look than the 3-rail model with rails only on the top and bottom of the fence, which also allows for higher visibility through the pickets. A double row of pickets gives off a clean appearance while still providing security for children and animals and keeps nosey neighbors from being able to peer into your yard.



Impressive and timeless, the Dutchess offers a nice balance with wider pickets than other vinyl fences for pools while still maintaining that classic 2-rail look. The thickness of these wide, yet delicate rails offer pool-code compliant protection, and they look great! This vinyl pool fence model is a versatile addition to your backyard and allows for maximum visibility. You can see what’s going on from any window in the house, lounge on the deck, or grill outside by the barbeque while keeping an eye on the pool party with this product! The Dutchess will satisfy those who want to maintain more their privacy and security, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look for others.



If you’re looking for a pool fence that’s easy to maintain, durable and safe, then buying vinyl is the way to go. Summertime is only fun when everyone is safe and protected from accidental slips and falls, children wandering into pool areas, and animals kept safe from open water. Protect your loved ones from harm and yourself from liability.

There are three assorted styles of Nobility Fence Vinyl Pool fencing available – The Duke 3-Rail which offers maximum strength and durability; The Duke 2-rail which has added visibility with two rails instead of one; and finally, Dutchess for those who want maximum visibility in their yard as well as style. All our fences come with an industry leading lifetime warranty against cracking or fading!

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